Revolutionary Xiaomi Mobile Phone Patent Released: Say Goodbye to Camera Hassles with Lens Reflection Photography!

Will this be a game changer in terms of IP?

On July 28th, according to the official website of the State Intellectual Property Office in Beijing, Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. successfully applied for a patent titled “Camera Hidden Electronic Equipment and Hidden Camera,” which has now been authorised.

xiaomi new camera module patent application

The patent abstract reveals an intriguing electronic device design, consisting of a housing that accommodates a camera module and a retractable reflective component.

The reflective component is capable of projecting received images onto the camera module for imaging, providing protection, space reduction, and increased pixel count.

xiaomi new camera module patent

The patent’s background discusses the growing trend of full-screen displays in electronic mobile devices and how the presence of front cameras can impact the screen-to-screen ratio. To address this, devices with hidden cameras have emerged.

However, traditional lifting cameras face limitations in terms of space, pixel performance, and potential damage to flexible circuit boards during sliding. The demand for lifting further increases costs and reduces space utilization for the camera module.

The patent’s innovative approach, as depicted in accompanying drawings, proposes a mobile phone design where both front and rear cameras can share a module without the need for telescopic movement. This implementation aims to improve the overall camera performance significantly.

In conclusion, Xiaomi’s newly authorized patent presents a significant advancement in mobile phone technology by addressing challenges faced by traditional lifting cameras.

The incorporation of a retractable reflective component and a shared camera module holds the promise of enhancing camera performance while optimizing space utilization and cost-effectiveness.

This innovation marks a notable milestone in the ever-evolving world of smartphone photography.

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Revolutionary Xiaomi Mobile Phone Patent Released: Say Goodbye to Camera Hassles with Lens Reflection Photography!

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