How to choose the right Netflix plan for you

Choosing the right plan for your budget!


Netflix has four plans in India — Mobile, Basic, Standard and Premium. This makes it easy for you to choose a subscription plan that’s right for you. No matter what plan you choose, you will never see any ads, and always get uninterrupted access to all Netflix films and series from India and around the world on any device of your choice. Depending on your need, Netflix also gives you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plans at any time.  

Here are three questions that could help you determine your Netflix plan: 

·         Who do you live with – alone or with friends or family? 

·         What is your go-to device for online entertainment? 

·         And how important great sound and video is to you? 

Mobile Plan: Who’s it for?

If you live alone or love to watch series and films on your own, and your smartphone is your world, then the Mobile Plan, at INR 199/month is a great fit for you. It lets you stream Netflix on one screen at a time on any mobile phone or tablet. And gives you all the great mobile features, including Downloads for You, so you can make the most of the WiFi connection, and sharing to social, so you can tell the world about all the cool stories you have discovered.  

Basic Plan: Who’s it for?

If you wish to toggle between mobile phones, laptops and televisions while watching films and series, then the Basic plan at INR 499/month might be your best friend. While this plan enables you to stream Netflix on a single device at a time, it works across all devices. So you may start your day by watching your favourite series on your phone on your way to work, you can seamlessly resume it on your laptop during the day or even on your TV when you get back home. 

Standard Plan:  Who is it for?

If you are living with your spouse or sharing your flat with a roommate, it is definitely recommended that you upgrade to the Standard Plan at INR 649/month. With the 1080p (HD) video, makes your investment in a TV really worth it and gives you the ability to simultaneously stream Netflix on two internet-connected devices. So while you enjoy global hits like Money Heist, your spouse or roommate can simultaneously watch the anthology film, Ajeeb Daastaans. Tip: Don’t forget to create separate profiles.  

Premium Plan: Who is it for?

If you live with your parents and/or have children, then the Premium plan at INR 799/month is perfect for your family. The plan allows you to stream Netflix on up to four devices at the same time, across TV, laptop, tablet or mobile. So while your kids may enjoy the latest adventures of Mighty Little Bheem, your parents/partner may prefer the drama in Pagglait, and you could get engaged in the world of Shadow and Bone simultaneously from any internet supported device. This plan is also great for you if you own a  4K TV or an immersive audio system. With this plan, you will be able to watch Netflix series and films with 4K video (for shows and movies shot in 4K) and Dolby Atmos sound.

If you prefer the convenience of a mobile bundle, you could also explore the different Netflix options that come included with your Jio Postpaid plans starting at just INR 199/month.

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