The Rise of Ultimate Convergence!

The hunt for the Holy grail of Tech continues!

Remember when the only phone you had seen was a basic Motorola phone with a retractable antenna. This was back in 2002. Technology has come a long way since then.

We have smartphones that are reaching the limits of full-screen displays. Concepts that can make tech of yesteryears feel like it was aeons ago.

Amidst all this one term has been used very casually. It’s “Convergence”.

Convergence is the blurring of lines between different platforms, ecosystems and devices.

Take for example Smartphones and computers. Earlier both of the devices were used for entirely different tasks. 

But as time passed by the lines blurred. Now your smartphone is the smallest possible computer you can use.

convergence of devices

And your computer is the largest form factor communication device that you use on a regular basis. 

Earlier smartphone apps and computer apps operated on a very different basis. But as ease of use takes precedence over the ability to have different systems and generate maximum profit from users the apps too are becoming multi-platform.

Take for example the popular messaging application “WhatsApp”. 

What started as a mobile-only messenger application is now available as a standalone application for both Windows and Mac Platforms. 

It still needs your smartphone to be connected to the Internet. But the lines have been erased now.

You can easily keep your smartphone in the other room and still tend to all your important conversations.

Amidst all these are rumours of a new hybrid surface device by Microsoft which would be a smartphone as well as a handheld computer at the same time. 

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This convergence of technologies will finally lead to singular devices which can act as both your computer and your smartphone.

the convergence of computers smartphones

Many companies have showcased such technologies. Razer did it with their phone.

 Samsung did it with the “Dex”. But all of these technologies are yet to replicate traditional computer like performance with the small and compact smartphone form factor.

However, there’s one company which can remove these barriers soon. Apple is known for building its own chips. These custom silicon have some of the highest size-performance ratios in the world. The A11 Bionic chip seen on the iPhone X is miles ahead of any Android flagship even one year later.

As they progress further we have rumours of next-generation MacBooks coming in with these chips instead of Intel’s CPUs. This can lead to even better control over software and hardware and maybe even better battery life than what is possible right now on Apple Devices.

With the next iOS and Mac OS updates too Apple might push to bring a more combined OS experience on both the platforms. With the final goal of having a single operating system that encompasses all these systems and behaves differently depending upon the device, it’s being run.

We might even have better implementations of smartphones acting like CPU’s for modern day builds with just the need to add a mouse, keyboard and a monitor.

As convergence comes closer to reality and more and more apps support cross-platform connectivity the lines between smartphones and computers would continue to blur further.

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But are you willing to usher in a future where a singular device supports all of your computing needs?

You pick your smartphone up in the morning, dock it to your home system and start working, watching videos and what not.

Later you pick it up, head to your office and then just dock it in the system there and continue your daily schedule from there!

Sounds too good to be true?

But this would be real soon. Within the next decade or maybe even sooner!

So what’s your take on this? Would you like such a future in the modern era of computing? 

Or do you still prefer your computer to be entirely different from your smartphone?

Do let us know in the comments section below!

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The Rise of Ultimate Convergence!

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