Samsung applies for a new patent for its AR glasses!

According to a new report Samsung might have started working on something new in the AR field!

Apple recently stopped the development of its own AR smart glasses. That project was really anticipated since quite some time. The market also paid close attention to the latest development of Apple’s project. However, Samsung seems to be ready to go forth on the road that Apple has not finished, and continue to develop its own AR smart glasses. It has been reported that Samsung has recently submitted a new patent application for their Samsung AR glasses to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

samsung ar glasses patent leaked

Samsung AR Glasses patent details

The AR glasses in the patent documents are not much different in appearance from the conventional glasses. But the right lens of the glasses is equipped with a small screen for displaying information. In addition, the biggest feature of this pair of glasses is that it can be automatically “opened, shut down” by folding the inductive glasses, which also makes it convenient for the user to manually control the AR glasses when wearing or removing the AR glasses. This also helps to avoid the situation when the user forgets to turn off the power after taking off the glasses. It will help in optimising the power usage of the AR glasses. In addition, Samsung also said in its patent that the image displayed on the glasses will “fit” the user’s eyes to achieve focus to further optimize the user experience.


samsung ar glasses patents leak


Future of AR Glasses?

These AR glasses are significantly lighter than products such as Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap One. The overall design is more similar to the Bluetooth MP3 glasses that have become popular in recent years. Although there is still a long way to go with formal mass production, in recent years, various manufacturers have launched products based on AR technology. The AR products based on this patent may be able to meet consumers in the near future.

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Samsung applies for a new patent for its AR glasses!

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