Samsung Unveils Revolutionary End-to-End Automotive Solutions at Munich Auto Show 2023

Car Chips, Memory, LED, and More! Get Insights on Mass Production Plans for 4nm Technology in 2025

Samsung has announced that it will be joining forces with Samsung Electronics, Samsung Display, and Samsung SDI to showcase its latest innovations at the upcoming Munich Auto Show.

The three companies will come together to present a host of cutting-edge “multi-dimensional” automotive solutions aimed at revolutionizing the concept of connected transportation.

As part of their exhibit, Samsung will feature a range of futuristic technologies including in-vehicle infotainment and smart driving chips, battery management systems (BMIC), power management systems (PMIC), and automotive microcontrollers (MCU).

 Their goal is to mass produce these 4nm process solutions by 2025 and 2026, followed by the introduction of 2nm process-based solutions soon after.

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Here’s a summary of what Samsung has in store for visitors at their exhibitor booth:

PixCell LED technology:

This state-of-the-art adaptive lighting system allows for precise control over LED lights, enabling auto manufacturers to create smaller, more efficient lamps.

Next-gen Micro LED tech:

With the ability to achieve full HD resolution on a minuscule 0.25-inch display, this breakthrough technology can be utilized in high-resolution HUD head-up displays and AR glasses.

Foldable and roll-up screens:

These versatile displays can be folded into an S shape, carried around like a smartphone, and even expanded to 12.4 inches for use as a car instrument panel. Roll-up screens, on the other hand, are ideal for rear-seat entertainment systems.

Mini LED technology:

This top-notch V2X solution can display sophisticated animated signal effects and facilitate seamless communication between vehicles and pedestrians.

Advanced automotive chips and sensors:

The powerful Exynos Auto V920 processor offers superior performance for advanced in-vehicle infotainment systems, allowing for effortless playback of high-def videos and immersive gaming experiences across multiple displays.

ISOCELL Auto sensors, meanwhile, provide a comprehensive 360-degree view of the vehicle’s surroundings, including the front, rear, and sides. Additionally, in-vehicle sensors can detect and alert drivers to potential hazards, such as drowsiness and distractions.

On-board storage technology:

To address the growing demand for high-performance storage solutions in vehicles, Samsung will showcase a range of memory and storage options that meet automotive certification standards.

These include LPDDR5X, GDDR7, automotive SSD, and UFS 3.1, which are designed for use in advanced driver assistance systems, in-vehicle infotainment systems, and other applications requiring high-performance storage.

Car batteries:

Samsung SDI will display various types of batteries, including all-solid-state batteries, 46phi cylindrical batteries, nickel-manganese batteries, and lithium iron manganese phosphate (LMPF) batteries.

These cutting-edge battery solutions are designed to cater to the diverse needs of electric vehicles, maximizing energy efficiency, reliability, and durability.

By integrating these breakthrough technologies, Samsung hopes to demonstrate the immense potential of connected transportation, where cars can communicate with each other and the surrounding environment in real time, improving safety, efficiency, and passenger experience.

Visitors to the IAA Mobility 2023 event can explore Samsung’s innovative automotive solutions firsthand, gaining insight into the future of mobility.    

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Samsung Unveils Revolutionary End-to-End Automotive Solutions at Munich Auto Show 2023

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