Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus Specifications and Details!

Samsung unveils Bespoke Family Hub refrigerator with a massive 32-inch screen.

According to the latest News on December 29th, ahead of next week’s 2023 CES International Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung launched its latest Bespoke Family Hub refrigerator. The biggest highlight of this refrigerator is a huge 32-inch touch screen that can be used in order to watch videos, control SmartThings-compatible smart home devices, post notes, view recipes, view family photos, and more.

The refrigerator, called the Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus, will be displayed at Samsung’s CES 2023 booth in Las Vegas, USA from January 5, 2023. The new model’s screen is more than double the size, at 32 inches, compared to the 21.5-inch display on the previous-generation refrigerator. Users can watch more than 190 channels in the US or about 80 channels in Korea on the refrigerator through the Samsung TV Plus app, and videos can also be viewed in picture-in-picture mode.

Since the display is portrait-oriented, it’s optimized for vertical video from services like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. Paintings and artworks etc. can also be displayed on the screen by the users using Samsung’s Bespoke Atelier app.

samsung bespoke family hub refrigerator launch

The Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus has SmartThings built in, which means users don’t need to buy a separate IoT hub.

This refrigerator features six SmartThings services: SmartThings Energy, SmartThings Cooking, SmartThings Air Care, SmartThings Home Care, SmartThings Pet Care and SmartThings Clothing Care. We also learned that Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerators currently on sale come with OneDrive integration.

In the latest models, Samsung has added support for Google Photos and Amazon Your Essentials integration, so users can order essential groceries. The refrigerator is expected to go on sale in Korea and the US in a few weeks.

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Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus Specifications and Details!

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