Samsung Displays New 18.2-Inch QD-LED Panel at SID 2024

Explore Samsung’s latest 18.2-inch QD-LED display panel showcased at SID Display Week 2024, highlighting advancements in quantum dot and self-emitting technologies.

On May 15, 2024, at the SID (Society for Information Display) Display Week, Samsung Display showcased a display panel using the next-generation self-emitting display technology QD-LED (Quantum Dot LED).

OLED, the only self-emitting display technology commercialized so far, suffers from inherent flaws like screen burn-in and aging due to its organic light-emitting materials, and its brightness is also limited.

samsung qd led display

In contrast, the already mass-produced quantum dot display technology relies on photoluminescence, which requires a light source to enhance color performance.

QD-LED combines the high efficiency of self-emitting technology with the high color accuracy and wide color gamut of quantum dots, emitting light directly through electric current. The use of inorganic quantum dots in QD-LEDs also surpasses the stability of materials used in OLEDs.

The prototype panel displayed by Samsung is 18.2 inches, suitable for large laptops, with a resolution of 3200×1800 and a pixel density of 202 PPI.

This QD-LED display panel employs inkjet printing, allowing for large-area pixel patterning, which significantly enhances production efficiency.

Samsung Display’s QD-LED panel is based on an environmentally friendly cadmium-free process, avoiding traditional cadmium compound quantum dot materials. This innovation has been recognized with the “Best Paper Award of the Year” by SID.

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Samsung Displays New 18.2-Inch QD-LED Panel at SID 2024

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