Samsung Galaxy Buds FE Earbuds Specs Leaked: 60 Hours Battery Life and More!

According to recent reports, Samsung Argentina’s website has released an update revealing the detailed specs of the Galaxy Buds FE TWS earbuds ahead of schedule. It appears that Samsung India is now promoting the Galaxy S23 FE, leading us to believe these earbuds will launch alongside the phone.

The Galaxy Buds FE boasts a sleek and secure shark fin-inspired in-ear design. The earbuds come with two pairs of wingtips and three sizes of silicone ear tips for optimal comfort.

They are offered in two color options – Graphite and Mystic White. Additionally, users can control multiple functions using simple tap gestures on the touch-sensitive surface.

samsung galaxy buds fe different variants

In terms of audio quality, the Galaxy Buds FE is equipped with two external microphones, one internal microphone, and an innovative one-way speaker that enables effective active noise cancellation (ANC).

This allows listeners to fully immerse themselves in their music without interruptions. Furthermore, the earbuds have a customizable equalizer and offer three levels of ambient sound modes, allowing wearers to stay aware of their surroundings without having to remove them.

These cutting-edge earbuds utilize advanced beamforming technology that adapts to individual usage habits, ensuring crystal-clear voice recognition. Moreover, they employ sophisticated DNN solutions to filter out background noise, guaranteeing high-quality communication.

samsung galaxy buds fe features leaks

One of the standout features of the Galaxy Buds FE is the seamless Auto Switch technology, which instantly switches connections between paired Galaxy devices.

Additionally, the headset supports the practical SmartThings Find feature, sending reminders when misplaced and guiding users towards their missing buds via location tracking.

Regarding battery life, the charging case houses a robust 479mAh battery, while each earbud contains a 60mAh power source. This results in an impressive combined battery life of 60 hours, providing extended enjoyment for music lovers and heavy users alike.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds FE Earbuds Specs Leaked: 60 Hours Battery Life and More!

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