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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro battery capacity leaked, 4500 mAh battery!


The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is yet to launch in India and now there are rumours about the upcoming note series. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro might be the best smartphone that Samsung has to offer. There were some prior leaks that would be 5G compliant as well as have the best of what the Galaxy S10 lineup has to offer along with more. Now the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro battery capacity has leaked. And all leaks point towards the fact that the Note 10 Pro has a battery capacity of over 4500 mAh.

Earlier there were only single Note models but this time there will be a pro model as well. The leaked photographs show the 4500 mAh in explicit detail. The last generation Note 9 had a 4000 mAh battery and if the leaks are true then Samsung is definitely improving in this regard.

According to previously confirmed specs and news, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G would come with a 4500 mAh battery. It certainly makes sense for them to use such a huge battery capacity in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro model as well.

Because a model like that would definitely have power hungry components as well as a huge display. So this was it for this post. Are you excited about the upcoming Note 10 Pro?

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