Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall, great lesson in brand ethics

So if you are not one of those people living under a rock you must know that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a great smartphone. I even did a detailed hands on review for it in case you missed it.

The phone itself was great but in the past few weeks there have been instances of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7‘s battery to be defective. And it’s the case for few phones among the millions manufactured by Samsung!

The worst part of this whole story is that Samsung even after having done the right thing is facing the ire of a lot of people. A lot of online portals, Instagram and Facebook pages etc. are all making mean jokes at the expense of Samsung. The very fact that they are receiving such hate might lead to other brands being scared of making such tough decisions if something like this happens to them in the future.

The fear of such intense pubic hate mongering and shaming might lead to other brands hiding or downplaying issues in their products, if and when they arrive. This is not a paid promotion or damage control post, rather this is an urgent appeal to all the trolls out there making fun on Samsung’s expense to stop.

Despite the huge losses and loss of good will Samsung went ahead with such a huge recall.

The least we can do is respect them for this bold move and not make fun of it!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall, great lesson in brand ethics

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