Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 to Use a Drop Shaped Hinge for More Seamless Folding!

To reduce creases, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 will use a “drop-shaped” hinge design!

News on January 16, according to Korean media portal Naver, Samsung plans to use a “drop” hinge design for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 to provide a softer curve in the folded state, thereby reducing screen creases and future risks of the screen cracking in the smartphone.
Since Samsung commercialized foldable devices, it has continuously improved the crease area, especially on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4, with a “U” hinge design. Taking the recently launched OPPO Find N2 as an example, the “droplet” hinge design can reduce the pressure on the screen, and the crease will not be particularly visible to the eyes in the unfolded state. This method might provide us with one of the best-looking Samsung Galaxy Z Fold to date.
samung galaxy z fold 5 flip design
We have learned that Samsung had obtained the “droplet” hinge design as early as 2016, but it is not clear why Samsung has not yet deployed the solution in its folding line of smartphones.
But we are waiting with bated breath as Samsung might come with a near-perfect implementation of this tech. It’s already been four generations of the Fold devices and Samsung bet hard on folding devices and other brands still seem like playing catch up till this point.
Let’s wait and watch to see what the future has in store for Samsung. In case you have anything to share on the future of foldable devices then feel free to drop a comment below!
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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 to Use a Drop Shaped Hinge for More Seamless Folding!

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