Samsung Officially Released the 200-Megapixel Image Sensor ISOCELL HP2!

0.6 micron size, supporting 16-in-1 pixel technology!

News on January 17: Samsung Electronics today announced the launch of the latest 200 million pixels (200MP) image sensor ISOCELL HP2, providing an ultra-high resolution experience for flagship smartphones.
We learned that the ISOCELL HP2 has a sensor size of 0.6 microns (um), adopts a 1/1.3-inch optical format, and can accommodate 200 million pixels.
samsung isocell new sensor s23 ultra
Samsung said that with Samsung’s pixel merging technology Tetrapixel (sixteen-in-one pixel technology), the HP2 can simulate different pixel sizes to adapt to different light levels, allowing the camera to work in more scenes. In low-light environments, the HP2 transforms the sensor into a 1.2-micron (um) 50-megapixel (50MP) or 2.4-micron (um) 12.5-megapixel (12.5MP) image sensor by combining 4 to 16 adjacent pixels.

If you want to shoot a full 8K video with about 33 million pixels (33MP) pixels, the HP2 will switch to a 1.2-micron 50-megapixel mode to help minimize picture loss and capture more scene details. samsung hdr According to reports, thanks to Samsung’s new dual vertical transfer gate (D-VTG) technology, the HP2 can reduce the problem of overexposure of photos in bright light environments. A voltage transfer gate is placed at the bottom of the photodiode within each pixel to transfer electrons from the pixel to the logic layer.

D-VTG also accurately adds a second transfer gate to the pixel, increasing the full well capacity of the pixel by more than 33%. This approach reduces overexposure and enhances colour reproduction by absorbing more electrons and efficient signal transfer. reduced shutter lag s23 ultra Samsung pointed out that in low-light environments, with the help of the Super QPD (Super QPD autofocus solution) solution, HP2 can fully use 200 million pixels to focus. In addition, the HP2 uses four adjacent pixels to identify horizontal and vertical pattern changes.

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Even in low-light conditions as low as 1 lux, the new HP2 sensor recalls pattern data and reference points for fast autofocus on a target subject. With a frame rate of 15 frames per second (fps), the HP2 enables mobile devices to take ultra-high-resolution photos with less shutter lag than Samsung’s predecessors. hdr s23 ultra samsung To take advantage of HDR (High Dynamic Range) performance, Samsung has introduced a DSG function in the 50-megapixel (50MP) mode, which applies two separate conversion values to analogue signals received at the pixel level.

In addition, the HDR solution Smart ISO Pro, which can combine two high, medium and low ISO readings from a single exposure, allows the camera to capture 12.5-megapixel images and 60fps 4K video in HDR. Currently, Samsung ISOCELL HP2 is in the process of mass production.

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Samsung Officially Released the 200-Megapixel Image Sensor ISOCELL HP2!

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