Samsung Stabilizes 4nm Node Yields and Initiates HBM3E 12H Memory Production

Samsung Electronics reports stabilized 4nm semiconductor yields and starts production of HBM3E 12H memory, marking a significant stride

Samsung Electronics has shared details from its first-quarter earnings report, revealing significant advancements in its semiconductor operations.

The company highlighted that while the overall recovery in the wafer foundry business has been delayed, operational efficiency at its wafer fabs has improved.

In terms of technology, Samsung mentioned that it’s 3nm and 2nm node technologies are progressing well, with the 2nm design infrastructure set to be completed this quarter.

The 4nm node technology, suited for 3D IC applications, is reaching stable yield levels, and Samsung plans to develop infrastructure for mature nodes like 14nm and 8nm to cater to various applications.

The company also confirmed its ongoing plans to begin mass production of its second-generation 3nm technology later this year, and to further mature its 2nm technology.

Regarding memory products, Samsung has started mass production of HBM3E 8H (eight-layer stacked) memory this month and plans to begin mass production of the HBM3E 12H product within this quarter, which will offer 36GB per stack.

This increase in HBM supply aims to meet the demands of the generative AI market.

For conventional DDR5 memory, Samsung’s 32Gb DDR5 based on the 1bnm (12 nanometers) process will also enter mass production this quarter.

The company aims for a rapid ramp-up in production capacity to strengthen its position in the high-density DDR5 module market.

Samsung initially announced the 1bnm 32Gb DDR5 memory in September of the previous year with plans to start mass production by the end of 2023.

In the NAND flash storage sector, Samsung has further specified that the QLC version of its 9th generation V-NAND will begin mass production in the third quarter.

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Samsung Stabilizes 4nm Node Yields and Initiates HBM3E 12H Memory Production

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