Samsung to Mass Produce AMD Chips Using 3nm GAAFET Process

Samsung will use 3nm GAAFET technology to manufacture AMD chips, enhancing efficiency and performance and process.

On May 31, AMD CEO Lisa Su announced at the 2024 ITF World Congress that AMD plans to use 3nm GAA technology in future products.

Currently, only Samsung offers this process, indicating a potential collaboration between the two companies.

Lisa Su mentioned that 3nm GAA transistors enhance efficiency and performance, with improvements in packaging and interconnect technologies.

This makes AMD products more cost-effective and power-efficient.

According to the Korea Economic Daily, Samsung is set to receive orders from AMD to produce processors using GAAFET technology.

If confirmed, this marks AMD’s first dual-source product strategy in years, expanding production capabilities, boosting sales, and strengthening partnerships, while providing leverage in price negotiations with TSMC.

For Samsung, securing AMD as a customer is crucial for closing the market share gap with TSMC. However, significant efforts are required for Samsung to catch up to TSMC’s market lead.

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Samsung to Mass Produce AMD Chips Using 3nm GAAFET Process

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