Samsung Has Released New Gen Studio Specific Displays to Be Used in Virtual Production Scenes

On the date of June 15th, Samsung, the renowned electronics manufacturer, proudly presented its latest innovation, “The Wall for Virtual Production,” at InfoComm2023, which is the largest North American exhibition for audio-visual display technology and system integration.

This advanced display screen has been specially designed to cater to the needs of studios, and it will be made available globally.

samsung wall for virtual production
Image Source: Samsung

As per the reports, this spectacular display screen is based on modular technology, which allows it to be suspended and stacked with other screens according to environmental requirements and preferences. It utilizes an oversized wall-mounted LED wall to create virtual content, and when combined with visual effects implementation, it significantly reduces the time and cost of virtual production (VP).

“The Wall for Virtual Production” provides users with two-pixel pitch options, which are P1.68 and P2.1. There are also dedicated studio frame rates of 23.976, 29.97, and 59.94 Hz, and genlock to synchronize the screen with the camera’s video feed. Apart from this, the display screen has a refresh rate of up to 12,288 Hz, it goes to a maximum brightness of 1,500 nits, a fixed contrast ratio of 35,000:1 (for P2.1) & wide viewing angles of 170 degrees.

During the exhibition, Samsung also announced its strategic partnership with Weta FX, a digital visual effects company based in New Zealand, as its technology partner. WetA FX is globally recognized for its exceptional visual effects production for some of the highest-grossing films, including the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “Avatar,” and “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

samsung smart signage Kimball Thurston, the esteemed Chief Technology Officer at W?t? FX, expressed his excitement and appreciation for the new display, stating,

“The Wall from Samsung for virtual production has delivered exceptional colour performance and image quality, and we are eagerly looking forward to collaborating with Samsung’s innovation team to explore further possibilities and new features that can enhance our storytelling experience and improve the overall human experience.”

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Samsung Has Released New Gen Studio Specific Displays to Be Used in Virtual Production Scenes

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