Samsung’s AI Inference Chip Mach-1 Nears Prototyping and Production

Samsung’s AI inference chip Mach-1 is about to be prototyped and trial-produced, and is expected to be based on 4nm process

South Korean media sources reported on May 10, as cited by ZDNet Korea, that Samsung Electronics is nearing the prototyping stage for its AI inference chip, Mach-1, utilizing the multi-project wafer (MPW) approach. It is anticipated to employ Samsung’s own 4nm technology.

However, it has not been discounted that the Mach-1 might use a 5nm process.

Samsung has outlined the following timeline for the Mach-1: start mass production in the latter half of this year, initiate chip deliveries by year’s end, and begin distributing inference servers equipped with the chip in the first quarter of the following year.

Additionally, Samsung has secured pre-orders from Naver totaling nearly 1 trillion won (approximately $731 million, ₹61 billion, or 5.28 billion yuan).

Despite having the capability to produce at a 3nm scale, Samsung opts for the more established 4/5nm process for the Mach-1 to enhance project stability.

The Mach-1 chip is considered a pivotal component of Samsung Electronics’ AI strategy. Until now, Samsung’s AI offerings have largely focused on high-performance storage and edge AI SoCs, without venturing into server-grade computing chips.

The Mach-1 inference chip incorporates LPDDR external memory. Co-President Kyung Gyu-hyun of Samsung Electronics has stated that the chip aims to diminish the data transfer bottleneck between external memory and computing chips by a factor of eight through algorithm improvements, simultaneously boosting energy efficiency eightfold.

For the development of the Mach-1, Samsung Electronics is actively recruiting: in April, the company publicly announced eight job openings related to the chip, while Korean media has noted that Samsung is reallocating some staff from the automotive semiconductor team within the System LSI Department to the Mach-1 initiative.

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Samsung’s AI Inference Chip Mach-1 Nears Prototyping and Production

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