SanDisk launches new high capacity storage products

Data is ever increasing. Whether it’s your personal work documents, music collection, work related videos or as in our case footage to edit. All of this just keeps on increasing as time passes by. There was a time when 1 Terabyte was a huge deal for me, and now I have over 2 Terabytes of data that I actually own and employ to work on a regular basis. Most of it is footage for our videos but still the very fact that our data needs keep on growing day by day is something that needs to be addressed. We need larger capacity, smaller form factor and cheaper devices to store our rapidly increasing data. Sandisk has recently launched it’s new products which aim to solve this very need of people. They also did a full consumer survey on how normal consumers use their mobile phones and storage devices. The detailed findings from that study can be found at the end of this post.

The two products launched by Sandisk to address the issue of mobile storage were:

1.) SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive m 3.0, which is a stylish flash drive designed for Android users who prefer OTG drive based solutions in order to keep their smartphone or tablet’s inbuilt storage free.

2.) SanDisk Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I card (256 GB): This one is one of the first high capacity cards which has been optimized for normal consumers and their devices.

256gb-ultra-microsd-card- sandisk-ultra-dual-drive-m3

As you could see in the above pictures, the products are quite well thought out and do have compact form factors.

Here are some key findings from the consumer survey done by these guys:

Smartphone consumption habits:

  • Today smartphones seem to have replaced computers and have emerged as the primary device for content consumption, creation and sharing. Around 84 percent of users spend more than four hours on smartphone applications every day.
  • Apps account for a large footprint of internal storage and is on a steady rise. Around 88 percent of the respondents have more than 10 apps on their smartphones.
  • Downloading content and storing it on smartphones is a common habit in India. Widely used applications listed in order of priority:
  • Social media (including Facebook and WhatsApp)
  • Downloading videos/music
  • Utility apps
  • Phone camera
  • Video and music streaming
  • These days’ consumers are creating and sharing data like never before. Around 60 percent of users share more than 10MB of data on a daily basis, out of which videos account for maximum file size transfer followed by photos and music.
    • Around 30 percent share maximum number of photos on a daily basis, closely followed by audio files at approximately 29 percent.
    • Video based consumption is growing at an alarming stage and is driving high storage needs at approximately 24 percent and messages at around 17 percent.
  • Majority of smartphone users constantly face challenge with regards to low storage space which clearly shows that majority of people are using smartphones with low internal storage. Around 65 percent of users are using smartphones with less than 16GB of internal capacity.
  • The Internet is a popular mode of sharing content due to its ease of accessibility and convenience on smartphones. Around 90 percent of users use the Internet as the primary mode of sharing content. The other regular options used by consumers for transferring content include – Bluetooth (60 percent) and data cable (52 percent).
  • There is a massive increase in the rate of data consumption, creation and sharing by the digital consumers and this is only going to grow further.
    • Over 90percent of users expect time spent on smart phones usage to increase by 20-60 percent within 6 months to a year.
    • Over 67 percent expect an increase between 60 – 80 percent in content quality (Full HD, 4K. etc.) on mobile phones within 6 months to a year. This indicates there is a need for high capacity mobile storage solutions.
    • The requirement for expandable internal capacity will be very high in the coming years. Approximately. 80 percent expect increase in data usage, out of which 77 percent expect an increase between 40 – 60 percent in data usage within 6 months to a year.

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SanDisk launches new high capacity storage products

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