Seagate Launches Star Wars Lightsaber Special Edition SSD!

The SSD Supports RGB Lighting and Speed of 7300 MB/s

On April 6, Seagate Technology recently introduced a fresh range of limited edition SSDs, drawing inspiration from the beloved characters of the Star Wars universe. The series features a convertible panel design, paying tribute to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker.

As per reports, Seagate’s Star Wars Special Edition NVMe SSD is officially licensed by Lucasfilm and boasts three lightsaber designs printed on its transformable radiator panel to represent the iconic characters. This allows gamers to choose between the Jedi or Sith style, depending on their preference.

Seagate Technology Star Wars Sword SSD red
Source: Seagate Technology

The SSD also features customizable RGB LED lighting that can shine through the panel. EKWB has developed a unique load mechanism that positions the switchable panel on the heat sink and surface of the solid-state drive. Furthermore, the integrated passive cooling device can optimize heat dissipation and ensure optimal performance for an extended period.

Seagate Technology Star Wars Sword SSD blue
Source: Seagate Technology

The hard drive comes with a capacity of up to 2TB and boasts an impressive sequential read speed of up to 7,300 MB/s. It offers a total byte written (TBW) of up to 2550, along with a five-year limited quality guarantee and a three-year Rescue Data Recovery Services Original Data Recovery Service.

Seagate Technology Star Wars Sword SSD
Source: Seagate Technology

The Seagate Star Wars Lightsaber Special Edition PCIE Gen4 NVMe SSD is now available for purchase. The 1TB version is priced at USD 184.99, while the 2TB version is priced at USD 289.99.

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Seagate Launches Star Wars Lightsaber Special Edition SSD!

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