Siemens’ US$30 Million Investment to Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Charging: Training Technicians for the Future

According to recent news, the Siemens Foundation has announced plans to invest US$30 million over the next decade to develop a skilled workforce in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle charging sector.

The foundation, which is a non-profit organization operated by Germany’s Siemens in the United States, has partnered with organizations like the National Urban League and the American Governors Association.

David Etzweiler, CEO of the foundation, highlighted the pressing need for a large number of workers in the industry, stating that the initiative aims to train a diverse and inclusive workforce to build, install, and operate the necessary infrastructure to support the increasing demand for electric vehicles, beginning in Michigan and North Carolina.

To achieve this goal, the Siemens Foundation is collaborating with the North Carolina Education Business Council and the Michigan Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP).

EVITP has already trained and certified thousands of technicians in both the United States and Canada to install and maintain Electric vehicle supply equipment, including charging stations.

However, damage to these public charging stations is common, causing frustration among electric vehicle owners. Automakers such as General Motors and BMW, along with equipment manufacturers and utility companies, are invested in EVITP’s mission.

The program will prioritize training individuals from underserved and underrepresented communities, providing them with a path to securing high-paying, long-term job opportunities in the electric vehicle changing industry.

Etzweiler stressed the importance of having a sufficient number of charging stations across the county, and carmakers will be supporting the foundation to achieve this goal in order to support the accelerated production of electric vehicles.

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Siemens’ US$30 Million Investment to Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Charging: Training Technicians for the Future

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