Snapdeal goes Indic, adds support for 12 Indian languages

Snapdeal has been known for a lot of innovation in the Indian eCommerce market. From launching many devices for first time in the market to having innovative marketing strategies, these guys have done a lot of effort to redefine the Indian startup ecosystem. Snapdeal recently announced a huge addition to its website and full ecosystem. Snapdeal now supports over 12 Indian languages and it also supports them to a very high usable extent.

In a high profile event held in New Delhi, Rohit Bansal Co-founder of Snapdeal along with Anand showcased the new product and this event was live streamed through Periscope for everyone to watch. This move is being applauded by many as India has a lot of non English speakers who prefer to communicate as well as interact in their own native language. By removing the language barrier towards the user experience Snapdeal has eliminated an Achilles heel for almost every eCommerce site early in their long eCommerce journey and they are industry first to do so!

Snapdeal goes indic, now in 12 indian languages inspire2rise

How does it work? Behind the scenes.

The Smart Engine behind Snapdeal’s new renaissance has the ability to translate languages not just verbally but also grammatically or depending upon the context of user’s request. India has over 270 million people who comprise the online population yet only 130 million speak English. The rest need not suffer alienation now because of this new move by Snapdeal. The new Engine is based on in house efforts as well as many inputs taken from existing API’s and algorithms in natural language processing. With this new product announcement Snapdeal aims to tap more and more sellers as well as buyers from rapidly developing Tire 2 and Tire 3 cities of India.

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Snapdeal goes Indic, adds support for 12 Indian languages

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