Social media marketing strategies usage to empower your Blog

So now you have set up your own blog, where to go next, that’s a question almost every novice or starting blogger has, well for the while being you know the basics right.Social media marketing is the way to go, so as to promote your website/blog to the next level !
Well if you don’t then it’s not a problem, I will sum up those for you again !

The basics are :

1.) Have a responsive  theme :

Yes, the end-user experience is all that matters, try opening up your site in different browser to get an idea of how well your site’s page load time stacks up against the great competitors.The site’s navigation system too should be easy to use and user-friendly, also ensure that your site loads up in almost any device, whether mobile or PC with ease!

A nice tool to check your page load time is provided by Pingdom which also tells you the drawbacks and bottlenecks in your site’s pathway to realizing its full potential :
Pingdom site speed test tool

2.) Have the right mix of plugins :

If you use an interactive C.M.S script like most of the bloggers do eg. wordpress, joomla etc. then the right mix of plugins is essential to online success, for wordpress always follow a golden rule :-  [[ Less than >15 plugins ]] .
Plugins for wordpress should always include this special pack for a beginner  :
a.) Yoast WordPress SEO plugin   => (one stop solution for  all your SEO needs)
b.) W3 Total Cache   =>  (used for site speed increasing)
c.) Akismet  =>  (prevents spam comments)
d.) Use google libraries   =>  (increases site load speed)
e.)   =>  ( Compresses images , decreases page load time)
f.) Digg Digg   =>  ( Social sharing bar)
g.) Wp-Mash Social Widget   =>  (all in one social plugin)
h.) Better WP-Security =>  ( prevents brute-force attacks, and takes care of all security needs)
i.) WP-touch  =>  (optimizes websites for mobiles)
j.) Jetpack => (Increases functionality)

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3.) Proper SEO is a must :

If you use any SEO plugin then you know that for every post you can optimize a large number of keywords, but the golden rule which I have experienced in my blogging journey is that :
Use only post related keywords and >15 keywords is the way to go,
you can put one or two additional high search engine relevant keywords to squeeze out that extra traffic from search engines but beyond that do not over do this as it may lead to lower search engine ranking ! In social media marketing you can use many different types of SEO strategies and plugins but at the end small things like using alt tags in your images and using a better plugin like Yoast SEO plugin can make that change !


Now that the basics have been covered, lets talk about the real deal i.e how to get your social media buzz up and cracking !

1.) Facebook Fan-Page : Currently the biggest traffic drawer for any blog apart from SEO and direct referrals is the FB platform.


Firstly register a page in your name then draw traffic to it, firstly by asking your friends to like the page, make it interesting by fresh content and periodic updates.

For more details check out facebook’s guide, an official Video by Distilled :

IMPORTANT NOTE : If you work well on your fan-page then it seriously becomes a great traffic drawer and apart from that if you love what you do, then working on your fan page would never seem to be a tedious task !
Do check out our fan page to get an idea how to build a social base from ground up : Inspire2rise on Facebook

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2.) Twitter Handle :

Twitter : The shortcut to great buzz

A twitter handle is very useful for bloggers and normal people alike as it is a more streamlined way of communication as opposed to facebook, in twitter word spreads like fire, such is the power of twitter that if a topic is catch it becomes a global trend in minutes via series of retweets, references and #tag usages !

Follow us and Learn the tricks of the trade !

Do check out our twitter handle and do follow us : Inspire2rise on twitter

3.) Google + :
Although not that much popular in terms of sheer number of users but Google+ is turning out to be a new emerging player and who knows it could be the next facebook !

Google+ Just surpassed 10 millions users, its a great platform to be a part of !

So creating a fanpage in the name of your blog or site on Google+ Would lead you too better search engine ranking and more traffic and continuous stream of visitors.
And apart from that Google +1s are one of the greatest ways to increase your search engine relevancy.
Do check out our google + fanpage : Inspire2rise on Google+

4.) Linked-In :
Getting yourself a professional account on linked-in can be a major step for your website or blog to turn into a full fledged organization, and also it will allow more professional audience to connect with your blog.

For more such tips keep visiting :

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What’s your take, let us know in the comments section below.

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Stay inspired to rise !
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Aditya Nath Jha is an Engineer from New Delhi, India. His areas of interest include Gadgets, WordPress, speed optimization & latest technology. When he is not busy blogging he loves to write poetry, compose his own songs and has a taste for music! Find him on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Instagram. And watch his videos on YouTube.

Social media marketing strategies usage to empower your Blog

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