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Search engine optimization has become a dangerous playground these days. Everybody asks people to abide by a certain set of rules or else they will be penalized for stuff ranging from thin content, a suspicious link profile, low post engagement and what not. In all of this craziness going around what most bloggers and webmasters miss is laser focused advice, something that they can implement immediately and expect to bring about positive changes. So today we have a simple social media SEO tip for you, which is domain specific like, share and tweet.

What exactly do we mean by domain specific like, share and tweet?

Domain specific Like, share and tweet means the share buttons are custom made so as to work for your specific domain. We all put post specific share buttons but most of us ignore the benefits of domain specific shares which help us in overall search engine optimization. Facebook like, share, Google +1, tweets, stumbleupon stumbles, Pinterest pins and almost every other social share can be customized to make it root domain specific. This makes the root domain also popular on other networks.

But how will you do so? We will tell you this in specific detail now.

Firstly for Facebook Like and share : 

Go to https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-button/

Social media SEO tip domain specific facebook like
As you can see in the above picture, after going to the above mentioned URL you have to customize the code so as to create the custom like button for your domain. You can include the share button if you like, but most of the time the like button on it’s own looks pretty neat and gets the job done.
After you click on the “Get Code” button there is a prompt which asks you to setup the code according to a Facebook app that you might have made. To know how to make a facebook app, check this guide.

Now for Google +1 :

Go to https://developers.google.com/+/web/+1button/

Social media SEO tip domain specific google plus one


It’s easy to setup custom Google plus one button, you just have to specify the custom URL, the style of the button and loading options (which specify whether button should load on page load or after it!).

Reading: Social media SEO tip - Domain specific like, share, tweet.

For Twitter tweets:

Go to https://about.twitter.com/resources/buttons

Social media SEO tip domain specific tweets


You can easily create a tweet button too for your site, by doing this you can easily make users tweet your root domain which also helps in social media SEO optimization.
One plus point of the Twitter code is that it’s not in parts, i.e. there isn’t a component that shows the button and one of the code for JS. The whole code has to be placed at once at a place.
The other buttons have one JS module and the other div block which shows the button.

For Pinterest pins:

Go to https://business.pinterest.com/en/widget-builder#do_pin_it_button

Social media SEO tip pin it button


For the Pinterest Pin it button you have to specify the path of the image that would be pinned along with the custom URL that it should point to, which should be your root domain.
You can also set Pinterest code to run in such a way that Pinterest pin it button shows up on any image when you hover your mouse over it. This feature has also been implemented on Inspire2rise.com

Reading: Social media SEO tip - Domain specific like, share, tweet.

For StumbleUpon Stumbles:

Go to http://www.stumbleupon.com/dt/badges/create

Social media SEO tip stumbleupon


For Stumbleupon stumbles you just need to specify the URL and the user would get an option to choose category, enter the description and then submit your URL to the appropriate category.
You can choose from amongst the different button layouts available on the site.

For generating absolutely any custom social media button: Now that you have done all this, you know that the process involves setting the target to your root domain and then customizing your share button to work for it!

Or you can use a custom service like Addthis or Sharethis to generate the above said buttons, but using such a service might not give you hundred percent control over how you can setup your buttons, hence the method of separately implementing the buttons is also good.

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