Sony: 49 Million Active PS4 Players, 50% of User Base

Sony reports 49 million active PS4 users, making up 50% of its user base, highlighting PS4’s continued importance in its business strategy.

Sony: 49 Million Active PS4 Players, Making Up 50%, Still a Vital Part of Business

May 30, 2024 – Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has announced that despite the PlayStation 5 being on the market for nearly four years (released in November 2020, and in China in May 2021), the PlayStation 4 remains a crucial part of its business, accounting for 50% of monthly active users.

During this week’s Sony business meeting, the newly appointed Co-CEO shared the latest updates and future strategies for the PlayStation business.

Hideaki Nishino, set to become the CEO of SIE Platform Business on June 1, stated that the PS5 is the most profitable PlayStation product to date, generating revenue close to the combined total of all other products.

sony ps4 most profitable gen till now

However, Nishino also mentioned that PlayStation 4 still maintains half of its monthly active console users, reaching 49 million.

Here are the relevant contents from Nishino’s conference call:

As you can see, the PlayStation 5 user base continues to grow significantly, accounting for half of our monthly active consoles.

The PlayStation 4 remains an important part of our business, but the engagement of our PlayStation 5 players is even higher than the previous generation, and we expect these trends to continue.

According to Sony’s data, PS5 users spend more on games and time than PS4 users. Sony reports that PS5 users spend more on additional content (+176%), services (+57%), and peripherals (+34%) per console, but spend 12% less on full games.

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Sony: 49 Million Active PS4 Players, 50% of User Base

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