Sony PlayStation 5 launch date and price in India, specifications etc.

Everything you need to know about the upcoming Sony PS5!

Sony last came with the PlayStation 4 which still is the console of choice for a lot of people. The PlayStation 4 is still a lucrative deal for many as it comes with a lot of exclusive content for its platform which isn’t found on a lot of websites. Now let’s talk about Sony PlayStation 5 launch date and price in India along with its leaked specifications and other details.

According to reports from Taiwan media, the next-gen PS5 will come with a 7nm core AMD chip. The AMD 7nm chips are expected to be market ready by the third quarter of 2020. Hence the Sony PlayStation 5 is also expected to be launched in the second half of 2020.

Sony PlayStation 5 launch date and price in India, specifications etc.
The PS4 was a bestseller!

The Global sales for the PlayStation 4 have exceeded 90 million units and Sony has started focusing more on the gaming console market as the smartphone market in the current times have become extremely saturated. Sony has been on a losing foot since quite some time as their recent smartphones too didn’t do quite well. Even after being the first brand to launch 21:9 smartphones their fortunes don’t seem to be shifting around any time soon.

So naturally, it makes sense for a brand like Sony to focus more on what’s working for them. The PlayStation business does seem like that.

According to various supply chain sources, AMD will employ TSMC’s services in order to finish their 7nm process as GroFund abandoned the same. In all of this TSMC has become the biggest beneficiary as AMD is now their second largest customer.

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According to a few more relevant sources, current chips supporting 8K resolution gaming are still underway. It isn’t clear as to whether the Sony PlayStation 5 would use these 8k capable chips but we can hope!

The PlayStation 5 wouldn’t use 8K tech for sure but in response to the 2020 Olympics in Japan, a lot of TV manufacturers have already started working on the same. Japan’s NHK has also officially announced the

launch of 8K TV services. 2019-2020 might be the year when 8K becomes mainstream because of the growing demand and finally the technology coming in place.

The upcoming PlayStation 5 is also expected to come with a GPU based on the AMD Radeon Navi series. It will support ray tracing technology that is only supported by high-end PCs and will also provide 3D immersive audio output. It will also have SSD storage.

radeon navi based sony playstation 5

It will be based on x86 architecture and hence would be compatible with previous PS4 games too. It might still feature a Blu Ray disc drive as support for the same isn’t expected to go away in the near future!

We will keep updating this article as and when we stumble upon new information related to the Sony PlayStation 5.

So guys what do you think? How powerful would the Sony PlayStation 5 be? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Sony PlayStation 5 launch date and price in India, specifications etc.

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