Breaking Records: SpaceX Achieves Unprecedented 64 Falcon Rocket Launches in a Single Year

According to reports on September 11, SpaceX has been launching rockets at an incredible pace this year, with the recent launch from Kennedy Space Center setting a new record for Falcon 9 rocket launches in a single year.

With 62 launches under their belt, SpaceX is on track to reach new heights. Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets have been used for these missions, and if we include the testing of the massive Starship rocket back in April, SpaceX has successfully launched rockets 64 times this year alone.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, boasted that ten Falcon launches were completed within a single day and expressed his ambition to make such feats the norm in the future.

Additionally, he asserted that SpaceX would deliver around 90% of all global payloads into orbit come next year, thanks largely due to their impressive launch schedule.

To support these efforts, their launch team has increased efficiency by reducing turnaround times to below four days at their primary Florida launch site, supporting 46 successful orbital launches so far this year.

spacex starship image

All signs point towards continued success for SpaceX, including upcoming multiple launches and the anticipated second test flight of the revolutionary “Starship” rocket from South Texas, possibly taking place later this very same month!

Word ahead, and an exciting development awaits us!

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Breaking Records: SpaceX Achieves Unprecedented 64 Falcon Rocket Launches in a Single Year

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