Spotify’s Jam: Collaborate on Songs in Real Time with 32 People – A Revolutionary Social Feature

Spotify has introduced a new social feature called Jam, which enables groups of up to 32 people to collaboratively create and enjoy playlists in real time.

This innovative feature is an extension of the technology used for multi-player playlists, allowing users to simultaneously listen to the same music and add songs to the shared playlist.

It’s worth mentioning that while anyone with a Spotify account can participate in a Jam, creating one requires a Spotify Premium subscription.

How to Start Using Spotify Jam?

  • To start a Jam, simply click the speaker icon at the bottom of the screen or tap the three-dot menu in a playlist, album, or song, and select the “Start Jam” option.
  • You’ll then have the choice to choose the device you want to play on. If you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network as other Spotify users, they’ll automatically be invited to join the Jam.

spotify jam feature

Alternatively, you can also invite others directly by sharing a link, sending an iMessage or text message, or scanning a Jam QR code using Bluetooth.

Once in the Jam, all participants can add songs to the playlist, view who added each track, and even get personalized recommendations on their own devices.

Note: The creator of the Jam has the additional ability to manage the queue, rearrange tracks, or remove songs that don’t fit the mood.

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Spotify’s Jam: Collaborate on Songs in Real Time with 32 People – A Revolutionary Social Feature

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