Spotify’s New UI Is Online for Users Now!

Spotify’s New User Interface Adds a Preview Function in the Form of Video.

Based on the latest news released on March 9th, Spotify is currently in the process of redesigning its User Interface. As part of this redesign, the platform will now feature a content preview function that provides personalized recommendations for songs, playlists, and albums in the form of videos.

These video clips contain information about the author and the song, and the song plays softly in the background. Premium subscribers can also enjoy an AI DJ function that offers featured songs, authors, and a history of previously played songs or albums.

Similarly, Spotify also offers a comparable service for its Blog Hub, where podcast recommendations are presented at the top of the page in the form of video previews, allowing users to view short clips of video podcast episodes.

spotify gets a new user interface

Additionally, various online sources have reported that personalized recommendations are now available in the audiobook centre, with previews of audiobooks lasting up to five minutes.

According to Spotify, these previews for audiobooks, music, and podcasts are being rolled out to users worldwide, including both free and paid subscribers.

However, audiobook previews are currently only available to users in select countries such as the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, whereas music and podcast previews are accessible globally.

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Spotify’s New UI Is Online for Users Now!

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