Spotify Unveils New Custom Font Spotify Mix

Spotify introduces Spotify Mix, a unique variable font now available on its app and website.

Spotify has announced the release of a new custom font called Spotify Mix. Starting today, this font will be available on both the app and the website, and it will be fully implemented across all Spotify experiences within a few weeks.

According to Rasmus Wängelin, Spotify’s Global Head of Brand Design, Spotify Mix is a variable font specifically designed for Spotify.

spotify mix new font

The team considers it a “mix,” integrating various font styles to reflect the dynamic evolution of audio culture.

This sans-serif font combines classic and modern elements to create a unique appearance.

spotify mix font example

The design incorporates wave shapes to evoke a sense of rhythm, with sharp angles and smooth curves giving the font a distinct personality that embodies the essence of Spotify.

spotify mix example on app

Spotify Mix was developed in collaboration with Dinamo Typefaces, based in Berlin.

It will be used across a range of Spotify platforms, from playlists to community marketing campaigns, including the Spotify Beach event at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity starting on June 17.

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Spotify Unveils New Custom Font Spotify Mix

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