Stability AI Comes Up With a New Text to Image Generation Model i.e. SDXL 0.9

Stability AI Launches Next Gen SDXL 0.9, Hardware Requirements Now Down to Consumer-Grade GPU Level

On June 25, Stability AI announced the official launch of SDXL 0.9, their text-generation image model. This version boasts improved image content and composition details and can operate on consumer-grade GPUs.

SDXL 0.9 reportedly has the largest number of parameters among all open-source image models, with a base model of 3.5 billion parameters and an additional model of 6.6 billion parameters.

The working principle of SDXL revolves around using the basic model to create rough details, and then refining the generated pictures with the additional model. If you have experience with Stable Diffusion, you may have noticed this as a progressive working process.

sdxl stability ai demo image
Image source: SDXL team

Two CLIP models are used in SDXL 0.9, including OpenCLIP vitg/14, the biggest OpenCLIP model to date. With this model, Stable Diffusion can create lifelike images with greater depth and higher resolution, according to Stability AI.

Stability AI also announced that the SDXL team will release a research blog that details the SDXL 0.9 model specifications and more parameter details. It is expected that the model will be open-sourced on GitHub as version 1.0 in July.

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Stability AI Comes Up With a New Text to Image Generation Model i.e. SDXL 0.9

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