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If you’re considering starting a blog then hopefully you’ve already given some thought as to what you want to get out of it and the reason for doing it in the first place. Some people blog for profit fro the outset, some do it just to have an opinion on something and some do it because they’re simply passionate about the subject at hand – and they don’t particularly care who reads it! Whatever the reason for doing it, this article should serve a purpose. In this article we’re going to discuss things to consider when starting a blog along with what you need to do in order to make it a success. This is by no means a complete guide but hopefully it will assist you in some way, so let’s get started right at the beginning.

Choose Your Niche

which niche should i choose
Which niche should I choose?

Depending on your reason for getting into blogging in the first place this will either come completely naturally or you’ll end up considering lots of niches in the hope of finding one that fits. If you’re blogging because you want to write on a subject you’re passionate about then the niche or sector is decided for you. If however on the other hand you’re doing it with a view of making money then the niche you select will need more thought.

If you want to make money from a blog, you need to choose a sector which has two things. Firstly, the niche as a whole needs to have an audience. By that I mean it needs to have people actively looking to view content on it. Subjects that have lots of people searching for them would be my preference. Secondly, there has to be people spending money in it. Traffic alone won’t work. Take celebrities, a big niche, lots of traffic/people searching but impossible to sell that traffic any product either directly or via affiliate. You need to find a subject which you can convert the audience into product sales. Find one of those with both products and traffic and the battle is half won.

What You Need to Get Started

wordpress top fifteen android apps for bloggersGetting started with the advent of the free to download WordPress blogging platform is easy. All you need them is a domain name and a web hosting account – both of which are easy to find and don’t cost the earth if you shop around. Once you’ve done that all you’ll need in addition is a theme which again can be downloaded for free or if you want something special you can purchase one for less than a few cups of coffee! You may want to invest in bolt ons such as an SSL certificate or fancy marketing software bundles but they’re not necessary to kick things off.

Marketing and Building an Audience

This is actually the hardest thing to do. The golden rule is once you have a visitor do everything in your power to try and turn them into a return visitor. You should also try and maximise that single visitor to get the most out of them in the way of sharing/recommending your content. In simple terms if you could get every visitor to your site to come back to your site and share it so other people can see it your traffic would be virtually limitless. Obviously this won’t happen as nobody shares everything but if you have that mentality and even a small percentage share then it will work wonders for your blog.

Making Money

how to make money online ultimate guide to money

Making money will depend on what traffic you have. If you have traffic and it’s in a niche with products/services for sale then you’ll make money. It’s that simple. Your sector and audience will determine the amount of money you can potentially make. Not simply advertising methods or merchants.

You can make money from your blog either via banner ads, sponsored posts, affiliate links or direct advertising where a company will buy an ad block on your site.


Nobody said starting a blog was going to be easy but hopefully this article will assist you in doing so. Whatever your reason for getting into blogging we hope you find it a fun and enjoyable experience and who knows you may even end up turning a profit!

One thing I will say is do not be afraid to experiment with regards to your content and even your overall niche. The reality is that the most prolific and profitable bloggers out there had to start some where and lots had failures before they found their eventual success. Trial and error is nothing to be afraid or embarrassed about. They say if you haven’t experienced failure you won’t know how to recognise your success.

So what do you think? Don’t forget to share your opinions in the comments section below!

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