Steam to come with a Steam China only version soon!

Official announcement: Steam China version to go live in early 2021!

Today, a heavy news in the gaming circle triggered a heated discussion among gamers across the globe.

In the early hours of this morning, Steam platform developer Valve released Steam’s “2020 Year in Review”, summarizing some of the features, activities and updates worthy of attention.

Among them, the most interesting thing is that in the “Looking forward to 2021” at the end of the article, Valve confirmed that the steam platform for China (Steam China version) will be launched in China in early 2021.

The specific official announcement information is as follows: “We will work with our partner Perfect World, and our team will work tirelessly, and soon we will start the project to land Steam in China in early 2021.”

steam chinese version launch soon 2021

In addition, Valve also said that it will continue to invest in scientific research on Linux, optimize the compatibility and performance of the game through Steam Play, and also think of new ways to allow potential users to enter the world of Linux games and experience the optimization results.

Players who know more about Steam should know that as early as August 2019, Perfect World officially announced the Steam China version-“Steam Platform”, but when the news came out, it wasn’t exactly confirmed.

Most people from China believe that with the launch of the Steam China platform, the Steam international version will most likely face the risk of lockout, and the games in the player’s game library may be gone or they might have to face some new issues related to migration.

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However, some players believe that the launch of the steam platform will help promote the Chinese game industry.

Just like some other small Chinese Indie games, little-known but talented small Chinese game companies can have a better chance with Steam Platform’s better reach in their country.

So guys what do you think? Why was Steam China required in the first place? Is it due to Chinese policies of maintaining exclusivity in their homeland market or something else? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! Subscribe to our push notifications and our newsletter for more timely tech stuff like this!

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Steam to come with a Steam China only version soon!

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