Steam VR Users Surpass MacOS on Growth Trend

Discover how Steam’s VR user base has exceeded MacOS users, with a consistent rise in VR headsets outpacing MacOS’s decline.

The number of PC VR users on the Steam platform has been steadily increasing over the past four years, while the number of MacOS users has been continuously declining, with VR users now surpassing them.

Despite what might appear as a decline in the proportion of monthly active VR headset users on Steam over the past four years, the overall number of Steam users has, in fact, been increasing.

To adjust for the impact of the growth in Steam’s user base, RoadtoVR has developed a model based on historical Steam survey data and official data from Valve and Steam. This model is designed to estimate the actual number of VR headsets in use on Steam, not just their percentage.

steam monthly connected headsets

After adjustments, the total number of monthly active VR headsets on Steam shows a slow growth trend.

While the proportion of active VR headset users on Steam has decreased slightly, the rate of decline in MacOS users is faster, indicating not just a reduced proportion but also a significant decrease in the number of Mac users.

monthly headsets on steam vr

Although Steam operates on M-series Macs, it uses the operating system’s built-in emulation layer, which does not allow the Steam client to take advantage of the unique benefits of native M-series processor applications. Many Mac-compatible games run through Steam also require the same emulation layer, which may affect performance.

Nevertheless, Apple has been making efforts to change the perception that “Macs are not suitable for gaming.”

Last year, the company introduced a game porting toolkit designed to help developers more easily port Windows games to M-series Macs and achieve good performance. This may lead to a reversal of this trend in the future.

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Steam VR Users Surpass MacOS on Growth Trend

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