Study: UK Parents Worry Kids Lack Tech Skills Beyond Social Media

44% of UK parents are concerned their children focus on social media and lack essential tech skills for future careers, a new study finds.

Study: 44% of UK Parents Worry Their Children Only Browse Social Media, Lack Other Tech Skills

June 3, 2024 – A study released by British telecom operator Three reveals that parents are concerned about their children’s lack of digital skills beyond social media.

The study surveyed 2000 parents of children aged 6-18, with 44% worried that their kids are not learning to use technology for productive purposes, which might hinder their future careers.

Key findings include:

  • 85% of parents believe digital skills should be as important as reading and writing.
  • 75% think digital skills are more practical than subjects like history.
  • 76% want schools to have dedicated budgets for the latest digital technology.
  • Parents fear kids are proficient with platforms like TikTok but lack skills in Excel, graphic software, and coding.

Top skills parents want their children to learn in school:

  • Basic computer skills (62%)
  • Social media safety (54%)
  • Cybersecurity awareness (53%)
  • Typing skills (52%)
  • Coding (45%)

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Study: UK Parents Worry Kids Lack Tech Skills Beyond Social Media

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