Sway App by Microsoft: Been swayed yet?


Story Telling is a long forgotten art, something which our parents used to do with us when we were kids. Now back with a bang and in a digital and exciting form, Sway App is launched by Microsoft to introduce us to an interactive and digital way of story telling. Sway is a digital story telling app which makes it quick and easy to make reports, presentation and personal stories in a more fun and interactive manner. It is a great tool for school kids and people in creative line of work.

Sway works with interactive content in the form of multimedia content, videos, tweets, vines, GIFs and interactive charts. Make use of these to make a presentation swiftly and without any hassles. Designed in a form that can connect you with the world, Sway can be used by students, executives and bloggers as well who want to create an audience with interactive media tools.

While using Sway you don’t have to worry about formatting or including additional matter from external sources, Sway acts like a one stop platform where you get all the tools to show off your creative side. You can include videos to talk about your ideas and add interactive charts to share some more details. Sway even suggests searches to help you find the right content when it comes to looking for images videos and tweets etc. When it comes to formatting, Sway has its own in-built design engine that takes care of customization and formatting. You can share your creativity with your friends via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well.

Sway is an app that has combined features of Power Point, movie maker and word press. It’s like a boon to people who have limited multimedia skill. Within a short time, people can make something awesome out of tools provided to them on sway.

Sway makes it quick and easy to create and share polished, interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more. Add your content, and Sway will do the rest.

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Written by Shreya Vaid

Shreya vaid is a Bibliophile, food lover and a wild child! Currently working as an HR professional and trying to make a name in this big world!


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