Take-Two CEO Highlights Rockstar’s Transition to Live Service Games

Take-Two CEO discusses Rockstar’s focus on live service games post-GTA 5 release, highlighting new projects and successful developments.

Take-Two: Rockstar has been active over the 12 years since GTA 5’s release, transitioning to live service games.

On June 2, “The Gamer” reported that Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick spoke at the TD Cowen conference about the company’s activities since GTA 5’s 2013 release.


Zelnick emphasized that Rockstar has released substantial content during this period.

Strauss Zelnick praised Rockstar’s diversification post-GTA 5, noting their strong presence in the live service game market.

When asked about increasing game releases and potential resource shortages, Zelnick responded:

Remember, Rockstar hasn’t been idle for 12 years post-GTA 5. We’ve launched GTA Online, evolving it into a large, dynamic ecosystem still growing today.

Rockstar transformed from a company making standalone games to one truly engaging in live service operations.

These 12 years were not without new releases. Another “small” game, Red Dead Redemption 2, sold about 65 million copies, with its online mode still thriving.

Previously, Zelnick gave a vague response regarding the GTA 6 PC version release, indicating ongoing discussions and possible future announcements.

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Take-Two CEO Highlights Rockstar’s Transition to Live Service Games

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