Tech Giants Form Alliance to Launch UALink Standard, Rivaling NVIDIA’s NVLink

AMD, Intel, Cisco, Google, and Microsoft join forces to introduce the UALink standard, challenging NVIDIA’s NVLink in AI accelerator connectivity.

On May 31, AMD, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Broadcom, and Cisco announced the formation of a new alliance called the “Ultra Accelerator Link (UALink) Promotion Group.” This coalition aims to develop and promote the UALink industry standard, which seeks to challenge NVIDIA’s NVLink technology.

NVIDIA’s NVLink is a bus and communication protocol that connects CPUs and GPUs using a point-to-point structure and serial transmission, also facilitating connections between multiple NVIDIA GPUs.

The UALink initiative is ambitious, with the capability to connect up to 1024 endpoints, allowing a large number of accelerators to collaborate on massive computational tasks. This new standard is not only for large enterprises but also opens opportunities for the entire industry to keep pace with NVIDIA in terms of scale and innovation.

introducing ultra accelerator link

Broadcom has already begun producing UALink switches, which will help other companies scale their operations. The implementation of the UALink standard is expected to benefit the entire AI industry by encouraging collaboration and innovation, aiming to build faster and more efficient AI systems to tackle complex tasks.

The UALink Promotion Group’s efforts promise to significantly impact the development of AI accelerator interconnectivity in data centers, positioning it as a robust alternative to NVIDIA’s existing solutions.

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Tech Giants Form Alliance to Launch UALink Standard, Rivaling NVIDIA’s NVLink

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