Teewe 2 Review, Brilliant HDMI Streaming Stick

Now we live in times when you can simply stream videos from various sources like YouTube, Netflix, etc on bigger screens like your TV. Netflix is coming soon to India, so it’s going to be an even more interesting ecosystem after some time.

An era when your TV is not just an idiot box, but a smart box, Thanks to devices like Google Chromecast and Teewe. But then our very own desi people, Mango Man, based out in Bangalore, have now launched Teewe 2, a video/content streaming dongle that can simply stream all forms of content on your TV.

Initially one had to connect two sources i.e. a TV and laptop using HDMI cable to view any video, which is not convenient all the time. But now one can simply stream videos on their TV using the device only at Rs 1,999 and the unavailability of Chromecast in India when first Teewe was launched.

Now at a pricier cost and a better version, Tewee 2 is launched for the sake of easy video streaming. Here’s a detailed review of the same.

Design of the Teewe 2:

While the original version of Teewe was pretty bulky, Teewe 2 turns out to be swanky and sleek at the same time. With a simple black body and logo inscribed on it, it’s 70% the size of the original device and also claims to be lighter than Google Chromecast, even if by a minuscule percentage.

The new version has shed its colorful look and now is a simple-looking sleek black device with improved quality plastic. Teewe 2 also gives an impression of a little better look-alike version of Google Chromecast.

The device is powered via the micro-USB port, so if your TV has a USB port, you can simply connect the two. The device also comes with a power adaptor, so you can connect the Teewe 2 to an electric socket too. Overall the design is good enough and it feels light enough to be connected easily to your television.

Setting up the Teewe 2 HDMI streaming stick:

Setting up Teewe 2 is pretty easy on your device. When you connect it to your TV set, just simply follow the instructions displayed when you turn on the device. The process is much easier on Android devices. You simply need to download the Teewe 2 app, it will automatically detect the device signal.

It then asks you to connect to it, put in your WI-Fi password, and you are done. But it gets a little bit complicated when using iOS. The Teewe 2 has its own Wi-Fi network. You have to disconnect your phone or tablet from your home network and join Teewe 2’s network.

After that, you configure the Wi-Fi for your home network on the dongle, and then the Teewe 2 is ready to use.

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Teewe 2 review: Features.

Teewe 2 HDMI streaming stick comes with three different interfaces; Android, iOS, and PC. The interface for PC is a little bit more detailed than mobile versions, and also needs to be downloaded separately, but is simple as mobile versions. One can see a large number of YouTube video options available when they connect the device.

Along with that, one can also access all kinds of stored media on the respective device. You can either trigger a YouTube stream on the Teewe 2 by tapping it on your phone or laptop or you could send a song, a movie, or a picture. This second feature will work even when there’s no working Internet connection, though again, both devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

The Teewe app scans all kinds of media stored on your device and also streams your preferred video content on YouTube. The creators, Mango Man are now planning to tie up with various kinds of content providers to enlarge the amount of video streaming for users. For example, Eros now already allows a limit of video streaming by tying up with Teewe 2.

Another quite interesting feature is that devices can talk to each other. As long as the app running on your laptop, you can launch the videos onto your television via the Teewe 2 dongle, entirely controlling things from your phone.

Multiple devices can also connect to the same dongle, which means that we could start a YouTube video from our iPad, then mirror the screen on our computer to show a website, and then start playing a slideshow of photos from our phone without any issues. One can also play content on their mobile devices from laptops by using Teewe 2 app.

Supposedly you want to watch something on your mobile without disturbing others, you can simply use the app and stream the video, you don’t even have to power up the device. The reason behind this feature is that the Mango Man team thinks that people keep much more personal stuff on their mobile devices rather than laptops and tablets.

Check out our Teewe 2 gallery below for a closer look at the device!

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Teewe 2 review: Performance

The Teewe 2 HDMI media streaming dongle features a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor clocked at 1.6 GHz; a quad-core GPU; 1 GB of RAM, and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n support, and can be connected to any TV which has an HDMI Port.

The device showed exemplary performance while working with Android OS in conjunction with our smartphone, the content was streamed quickly and a smoother connection was made. Video streaming was pretty decent including a number of 720p and full-HD videos, in various popular forms including .avi, .mp4, and .mkv.

In case anyone faces problems with the Android app also, simply shut down the app for a few minutes and then start again. This may even piss off a lot of Android users. But one may face issues while using it on iOS.

But that’s iOS specific problem, related to the app and not a device-specific issue. YouTube playback will be better on an 8Mbps speed rather than a 1Mbps speed.

However, with the price difference between the Teewe and the Chromecast getting smaller, the company is going to have to fix even the small issues if it is to compete, and these are definitely problems that can be fixed via a software update. Upgrading functionalities constantly via software updates is the only way to keep this streaming device relevant in the longer run.

Price of Teewe 2:

Teewe 2 is now available at Amazon.in at a price of INR 2,399 with 20 GB of data per month free for three months on Airtel broadband and two months of free Eros Now.

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Teewe 2 Review, Brilliant HDMI Streaming Stick

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