Telegram Hits Major Milestone with Over 800 Million Active Users, Says Founder Pavel Durov

Each day, more than 2.5 million new users register for Telegram, and earlier this year, the messaging platform exceeded 800 million monthly active users.

The team behind Telegram is appreciative of this substantial growth, even though it also entails incurring higher expenditures on storage and traffic to serve its users.

Fortunately, Telegram is recognized for its cost-effectiveness, and the platform had a successful start with monetization last year. Although Telegram has not yet achieved profitability (which is not anticipated in just the second year of monetization), it is closer to profitability in absolute numbers than competitors such as Twitter and Snap.

To finance Telegram’s ongoing expansion until it reaches the break-even point, the company issued around $270 million worth of Telegram bonds as a tap of its existing bonds.

Telegram was fortunate to have the participation of renowned funds with exceptional reputations. The founder of Telegram personally purchased approximately one-fourth of the new Telegram bonds, investing tens of millions of dollars in the platform’s growth.

This is in addition to the hundreds of millions spent over the previous decade to keep Telegram operational. Despite some suggestions that the founder should have acquired a house or a jet instead, he prefers to remain focused on his work without “owning” anything (aside from Telegram, some Bitcoin, and some Toncoin).

Hundreds of millions of people registered for Telegram because they wanted an autonomous messaging platform that prioritizes user privacy and security, and it is the responsibility of the Telegram team to continue delivering this platform.

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Telegram Hits Major Milestone with Over 800 Million Active Users, Says Founder Pavel Durov

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