Telegram Revolutionizes Web 3.0 with Deep Integration of Blockchain Technology

In the past, Telegram had developed TON ( – a quick and scalable blockchain technology. TON was intended to support hundreds of millions of social media users.

Since 2020, the TON technology has been improved and maintained by the open-source community.

Recently, Telegram enabled their users to purchase and trade Telegram usernames and IDs on Fragment ( – a TON-based auction site. The outcome was remarkable.

Telegram sold $120M worth of digital assets at auctions, and early purchasers of certain Telegram-related digital assets, such as Telegram anonymous numbers, experienced a staggering 27x increase in value after just nine months.

The achievement demonstrated the potential of Web 3.0 on Telegram. Users could finally possess their social media personas directly for the first time ever. Telegram also wanted to incorporate blockchain technology further into the app.

As a result, they collaborated with the TON community to integrate their TON Wallet ( into Telegram as a mini-app (

Starting in November, TON Wallet will appear in the options and attachment menus for all users globally except in the United States and a few other nations (if you added @wallet and have the most recent edition of Telegram, you may now see the wallet choice in the menus).

This move will open up numerous cutting-edge capabilities – comparable to those introduced on Fragment – for developers.

Hundreds of millions of Telegram subscribers will get access to a brand-new aspect of Web 3.0 thanks to TON Wallet, a third-party mini-app within Telegram.   

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Telegram Revolutionizes Web 3.0 with Deep Integration of Blockchain Technology

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