Telegram Introduces New Sticker Editor for Personalized Messaging

India, 25th April 2024: Instant messaging app Telegram (which has over 900 million monthly active users) has launched its latest update, introducing the ‘Sticker Editor’.

This tool enables users to effortlessly create personalized stickers and entire sticker sets without ever leaving the Telegram app.

The latest update highlights Telegram’s dedication to enhancing user experiences and providing unparalleled possibilities for self-expression within its platform.

Make a Sticker

make a sticker or sticker set telegramUsers can take any photo and add text, drawings, animated stickers, emojis, and GIFs within the editor.

The editor also allows users to seamlessly cut out objects, remove backgrounds, manually erase or restore parts of the photo, and add outlines for a classic sticker look—all with just one tap.

To start making stickers, open the sticker panel from your input field in any chat, then tap the inviting (+) button.

Add It to a Set

Users can easily create sticker sets for friends to reuse in their chats or add stickers to existing sets.

The editor enables users to choose emojis that describe the sticker’s emotion, with AI suggesting relevant emojis based on the image.

On Telegram, emojis act as shortcuts for stickers. When users type an emoji in a chat, Telegram automatically offers matching stickers.

Expand your Set

Users can add existing stickers to custom sets, bringing favorites together in one pack or creating themed collections.

telegram stickers update 3

Share your Sets

Sticker sets can be shared with friends via unique links, with the ability to preview sets with neat link previews.

telegram stickers update 4

In addition to the Sticker Editor, Telegram will be unveiling 16 more new features this month, further enhancing the messaging experience for millions of users worldwide.

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Telegram Introduces New Sticker Editor for Personalized Messaging

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