Tencent and Microsoft Store Partnership Brings Mobile Apps to Windows

Tencent partners with Microsoft Store to enable direct installation of mobile apps on Windows, enhancing cross-platform integration

On May 28, Tencent announced at the Cross-End Ecosystem Conference in Beijing that the Tencent App Store and Microsoft Store have partnered.

Tencent App Store

This collaboration allows Windows users to directly download and run mobile applications on the Windows platform, enjoying a native mobile experience.

Through this partnership, Windows users will be able to search for mobile applications via the app store, start menu, Windows search, and Bing, triggering the Microsoft Store for download and installation.

Shortcuts will be created on the Windows desktop, enabling users to launch applications directly from their desktops.

Tencent’s Vice President, Lin Songtao, highlighted the large PC market and the necessity for PC and mobile ecosystem integration.

He emphasized that the collaboration with Microsoft Store and Intel aims to support mobile developers with technology, traffic, and commercialization, enhancing the cross-end experience for users.

Microsoft Store General Manager, Giorgio Sardo, noted that Microsoft Store, a trusted source for apps, games, and AI experiences on Windows, will now feature Tencent App Store’s mobile content.

This integration allows seamless mobile app experiences on various architectures, including ARM, on Windows PCs in China.

Developers will have opportunities to showcase and promote their products across the Microsoft Store, Windows Start Menu, Windows Search, and Bing, with an expected 1500 mobile apps available at launch.

The Tencent App Store PC version, launched in 2023, utilizes Intel’s Bridge and Celadon technologies to bridge x86 and ARM architectures, supporting split-screen functionality, and hardware integration like camera and microphone.

It also supports multitasking and multi-window operation for seamless switching between applications.

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At the conference, Intel and Tencent announced upgrades to the mobile app engine to version 13, introducing features like parallel vision for dual-screen use, AI computation sharing for smarter experiences, and performance enhancements for high-definition, high-frame-rate displays.

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Tencent and Microsoft Store Partnership Brings Mobile Apps to Windows

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