Tesla Unveils Canada’s Largest Supercharger Station in British Columbia

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On October 1, Tesla made an official announcement regarding the opening of what is now Canada’s largest supercharging station, situated atop a parking lot in British Columbia.

biggest tesla supercharger bc

The understanding is that the charging station boasts 40 V3 charging pillars and is conveniently located at 4660 Garden City Road. Notably, this marks the third supercharging station within Richmond.

tesla supercharger british columbia

According to the Tesla charging map, the cost per kWh for this particular charging station stands at 0.22 Canadian dollars (approximately 13.61 Indian rupees or 1.1858 Chinese yuan).

There do not appear to be separate pricing structures during peak or off-peak hours. It is worth mentioning that Richmond harbors two additional Supercharging stations, one with 8 V3 charging pillars and another with 20 V2 charging pillars.

Worth noting is that Tesla has been actively expanding their Supercharger network Stateside as well, with notable projects such as those in development in Barstow, California, already operational stations like the one found at Harris Ranch, California, among others outside of state lines.

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Tesla Unveils Canada’s Largest Supercharger Station in British Columbia

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