Cybertruck Production Takes Off: Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory Rolls Out First Vehicle!

Finally, after four years!

On July 15th, Tesla’s official Twitter account announced that the first mass-produced Cybertruck pickup truck had rolled off the production line at the Texas Super Factory.

Alongside the announcement, Tesla officials released pictures showing numerous Texas Super Factory employees surrounding the first Cybertruck, creating a buzz of excitement.

Tesla had previously stated that it would deliver the first Cybertrucks to users in the third quarter of this year, indicating that the Texas Gigafactory is now ready to produce Cybertrucks at full capacity.

The Cybertruck is available in single, dual, and three-motor versions, with news circulating that Tesla plans to release a four-motor version in the future. It is currently unknown which model configuration Tesla will deliver first.

The three-motor AWD version is designed to have a cruising range of over 500 miles (804 kilometers) and can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.9 seconds, making it an impressive feat of engineering.

On this ocassion Elon Musk also Tweeted congratulating the entire Tesla Team.

telsa first cybertruck production vehicle

It is still unclear whether Tesla will adjust the selling price. When the Cybertruck was initially released in 2019, the starting price was US$39,900 (approx. INR 32,78,424). However, due to inflation in recent years, Tesla may adjust the price.

Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory is located along the Colorado River and covers an area of 2,500 acres, with a plant area of over 10 million square feet. It serves as the Model Y US manufacturing center and the future Cybertruck base, highlighting Tesla’s commitment to investing in sustainable energy and engineering innovation.

Tesla has invited individuals from all backgrounds, with diverse study and work experiences, to join them in solving the next generation of engineering, manufacturing, and operation challenges on the way to accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.   

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Cybertruck Production Takes Off: Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory Rolls Out First Vehicle!

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