Tesla Sues Indian Firm Over Trademark Infringement

Tesla files a lawsuit against Tesla Power, an Indian battery company, over trademark infringement, demanding cessation and damages

On May 5, 2024, Tesla filed a lawsuit against an Indian battery manufacturer for trademark infringement over the use of the name “Tesla Power.”

Tesla demands that the Indian company cease using the trademark and seeks compensation for damages.


In April 2022, Tesla notified the Indian company to discontinue the use of the “Tesla Power” trademark, but the Indian company continued to promote its products under this name.

The Indian company, which primarily manufactures lead-acid batteries and does not intend to produce electric vehicles, argues its position.

It claims to have been established in India before Elon Musk’s Tesla and has received all necessary approvals from the government.

The company, Tesla Power USA LLC, which also has a presence in Delaware, USA, is recognized as a pioneer and leader in affordable battery solutions and has a significant influence in India.

A representative from Tesla Power mentioned that they never claimed any association with Elon Musk’s Tesla.

A series of documents supporting the Indian company’s defense were submitted, and the judge has allowed three weeks for a written response.

The next hearing of Tesla’s trademark case in India is scheduled for May 22, prior to which the court has prohibited the Indian company from any marketing activities using the Tesla name.

Source: Reuters

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Tesla Sues Indian Firm Over Trademark Infringement

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