Tesla’s Major Layoffs at California Factories in 2024

Tesla announces significant layoffs at its California facilities, impacting over 600 employees as part of broader cuts.

Tesla Announces Layoffs at California Factories, Nearly 6,000 Jobs Cut This Year

Despite facing strong opposition, Tesla continues with its layoff strategy. The company notified the California government that it will lay off 223 employees at its Palo Alto factory and 378 at its Fremont factory, effective June 20. It’s unclear if the affected employees are aware of these cuts yet.

The Palo Alto site is one of Tesla’s key R&D and manufacturing hubs, serving as the headquarters for the brand’s engineering division; the Fremont factory is a major production facility with five assembly lines.

All Tesla models except the Cybertruck are produced here.

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Earlier this year, Tesla also cut over 2,700 jobs in the Bay Area and another 2,688 in Texas, bringing the total number of layoffs to at least 5,989 positions for the year.

As part of a global reduction plan announced by Elon Musk last month, the company plans to lay off an additional 6,020 employees in California and Texas.

Tesla is reportedly rehiring some staff previously cut from its Supercharger team, making the final layoff figures unclear.

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Tesla’s Major Layoffs at California Factories in 2024

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