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Future of Cinema: Cinema as a medium has shaped a lot of modern human history. I am not much of a TV person, and I rarely go to movie theaters. But still Cinema has a profound impact on everything I do.  Whenever I am down I remember that scene from The Dark Knight rises when Bruce climbs out from the pit to motivate me, when I am happy I feel like Mahmood selling coconuts in his films, when I am hopeful I feel like Andy Dufressne from Shawshank Redemption. There are so much emotions and so much attachment to the medium of cinema that it has become an integral part of all of our lives!

I watch movies provided to me by my friends as I don’t find using my limited bandwidth to download movies a productive task. 😛 Jokes aside, movies are one of the best ways to convey social issues, give a deep message and entertain the masses.

People watch movies because they want to escape from the daily grind of their lives. Movies give people a chance to go away from the hustle and bustle of life into an alternate reality where anything is possible! Such is the power of cinema that a man who returns home tired from work and watches a good movie is filled with motivation to face the challenges of life the next day again!

Today I am here to discuss the future of Cinema worldwide. What I think would happen to this beautiful medium and what would be the consequences for all of us! Read on, the curtain unfolds now!

Future of Cinema: The Indian scene.

Cinema in India has been the prime medium of entertainment for the general masses since a long time. Even those who couldn’t afford a ticket would go out to watch the latest movie in the old days. These days as excessive promotion and personal stardom has taken over the industry, it’s not even about a good quality film anymore. In the name of cinema people are given films which are just cash making machines. Films are not classified according to their quality anymore; rather industry is concerned with how much crores a film is making. Though there is an occasional Taare Zameen par or Lunchbox but still films in Bollywood are going down into an endless abyss. There is a slight ray of hope in the form of Independent film makers, people like you and me who tell their stories through films. Such films are works of art and need to be promoted in order to save this dying medium.

As a common man who doesn’t watch much of the Bollywood films I just have one suggestion for them: “Focus on the story and the quality of actors, rest everything would take care of itself.”

Poor story lines are often the greatest weakness of Bollywood films. We can only hope the situation improves in the near future!

The future of Cinema worldwide 2

Future of Cinema: Hollywood and worldwide.

Hollywood always had a foothold in the medium of cinema as they were the guys who started the medium and further propagated it to worldwide level. They have everything they need to make good films, but still the medium of cinema is being compromised with even there.

Repetitive story lines, films with over the top action scenes and VFX just for the sake of adding it and a lot more negative points can be attributed to Hollywood films. Commercialization of medium in its highest form hasn’t left Hollywood untouched. Films are now being made just to have the maximum earnings and among the latest ones rarely do films come out which have a deep rooted message.

If the medium of Cinema has to saved and preserved as it was then the industry as a whole has to stop relying too much on money. For that the exorbitant prices demanded by the actors and actresses should be cut down. They should only be paid what is relevant to the amount of the work they do and should not be treated as above mortals.

Worldwide cinema i.e. films made by other countries are quite good. I have watched few Korean films, Chinese films, films made in Europe by Independent film makers. The level of film making and storytelling actually stands out from the usual stereotypes set by Hollywood and Bollywood.

It’s time the World Wide film making scene gets up on its feet and start paying attention to the details or people will move on to new forms on entertainment like interactive video games, console gaming and a lot more.

Though it may sound hilarious at this moment but things change with time. It’s time cinema changed too and for the good!

By this we the viewers would be benefited and the world of cinema would help shape human history and collective conscience in a much better way!

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