The Startup Mashup 2015 goes live in 3 days


The Startup Mashup is a pioneer event of it’s kind being held in IIT Delhi on the 28th of March 2015. Inspire2rise is proud to be a partner in this event and we are the technology news as well as one of the media partners for this event. We would bring you live updates for this event on our twitter handle @Inspire2rise as well some of the behind the scene happenings in this uber cool startup event. The event involves bringing together the best startups of the country along with the best talent from the top colleges across the country. Candidates from other colleges can also apply if they have been referred by someone with a good position in the industry. The Startup Mashup aims to bring a change in the way startups hire and the talented ones in our nation perceive startups. By doing this event we aim to bring forth an extreme turnaround and give a huge boost to the Startup culture in India.

The Startup Mashup 2015:  Event and it’s details.

the startup mashup 2015 event banner

The event will be held on one day, where a host of challenges would be given to all of the candidates and they have to compete in the various categories. There are going to be UI/UX challenges, Stacks/ Data science challenges, code-athons and various other challenges. And the best part is that the top 5 candidates across each section will get 2X their current CTC and candidates with current salaries above 20 lakhs would get ESOPs or initial bonuses too!

Ain’t that a sweet deal. All this and a lot of fun and chutzpah added over the course of one day, the coming Saturday in the biggest mashup of startups, talent, entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts.

See you at The Startup Mashup 2015. Currently the event is by invite only! You can visit our site here for more details and everything!

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