TikTok Tests 60-Minute Videos, Directly Challenging YouTube

Discover TikTok’s new test feature allowing 60-minute video uploads, challenging YouTube’s dominance in long-form content.

TikTok Challenges YouTube by Testing 60-Minute Video Upload Feature

As of May 16, 2024, TikTok is quietly testing a new feature that allows users to upload videos up to 60 minutes long. This functionality is currently available only to a small group of users in specific regions, with no immediate plans for a broader rollout.

This test signifies TikTok’s entry into the realm of longer videos. Initially famous for its 15-second clips, the platform has been gradually increasing its video duration limit.

While continuing to strengthen its short video capabilities, TikTok aims to explore longer formats, positioning itself as a direct competitor to YouTube.

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According to reports from TechCrunch, extending the video duration offers creators more space for creativity, enabling them to produce more diverse and in-depth content.

This move is seen as intensifying the competition with YouTube, potentially attracting creators who traditionally post on YouTube.

The introduction of longer videos could lead to new content formats, like the release of complete TV show episodes. Last year, the streaming platform Peacock published the first episode of the series “Killing It” in five parts on TikTok.

However, with the new 60-minute feature, splitting episodes might become unnecessary.

Broadcasters and streaming services have been accustomed to releasing the first episode of the series on YouTube to draw in new viewers. TikTok’s new feature offers an alternative platform for such releases.

As an essential channel for reaching audiences for many shows, the extended video duration is expected to encourage more publishers to share content on TikTok.

However, not all users are interested in long-form content. To enhance the viewing experience, TikTok is also experimenting with features like landscape full-screen mode, thumbnail progress bars, and fast-forwarding by holding the right side of the screen—a feature that was launched last year.

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As with all test features, it remains unclear when or if the 60-minute video upload capability will be made available to all users.

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TikTok Tests 60-Minute Videos, Directly Challenging YouTube

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