Brands to Bloggers meet by TogoFogo & interview with founder


Recently on the 17th of March a Brands to Bloggers meet was conducted by TogoFogo.com a newly emerging startup with roots that go long back to the founder Mr. Soumitra Gupta’s previous ventures and shipping & selling experience. This event was characterized by a lot of free booze, lot of sharing of ideas, a lot of fun and a good start to an amazing idea. So today here we are with a candid interview with TogoFogo founder Mr. Soumitra Gupta sharing some cool insights with us on the Indian startup scene, what he thinks about TogoFogo and how he thinks entrepreneurship will pick up in India.

So here are a few excerpts from the interview and you can also find a full audio of the interview below!

Me: Apart from the online bloggers, marketers and media outlets which all forms of promotion will you target?

Mr. Soumitra: Word of mouth publicity of our consumers. That itself is something huge if we get a good base.

Me: How genuine can a layman find the warranty procedure? Wouldn’t it be much complex for them?

Mr. Soumitra: Time and people who communicate with others and helps us communicate the same to others. We can’t claim it for ourselves. We are backed by a 20 year company. If companies like HP can trust us then anybody can trust us.

Me: Do you think others would try and copy what you are trying to do?

Mr. Soumitra: India is a place full of copy masters. People will surely try to copy our idea. But the most important thing in this venture is the warranty, repair and certification part and that is something which would require a lot of backend work as well as existing connections which we already have. Existing companies like Amazon etc. can surely try to come up with similar schemes and try to tap this market but they have to get hold of backend partners and a lot of stuff which we have already figured out.

Me: How is the Indian startup scene changing? What are your views?

Mr. Soumitra: It’s fantastic, right now the ecosystem has completely changed. Young people like Sachin Bansal from Flipkart, companies like Snapdeal, Shopclues, Myntra etc. have changed the game. Young entrepreneurs who have worked and brought the Indian startup scene to limelight, hats off to them!

Me: Any inspiration or advice for young Entrepreneurs?

Mr. Soumitra: Anybody can be an entrepreneur. The next step forward is just to take the risk and go on!

Me: As a brand where do you see yourself in five years?

Mr. Soumitra: There’s a huge untapped market there, the timing is right. We can be a big player in the next five years if we do really well. It all depends upon the execution.

You can also check out this gallery of the Brands to Bloggers meet by TogoFogo below!

So how did you like the whole interview? Learnt a few things from them didn’t you!!
You can also check out the full interview in the below video!

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