Top 10 Best Dialer Apps for Android in 2024!

Try These These Best Dialer Apps for Android if You Are Bored of the Stock Android Dialer!

The stock Android Dialer is simple and just does the job. That’s the main problem, times have changed and now every phone manufacturer has their own Android skin hence we need a feature pack dialer that meets our requirements as smartphones are our companions in day-to-day tasks. Here is our list of feature pack dialers that can replace your stock dialer and fulfill your needs.

Top 10 Best Dialer Apps for The Android


  1. Phone by Google:

    Phone by Google
    Google’s official phone calling app is now available for all Android devices, it used to be pixel-exclusive. But now it is integrated with Google’s services such as Google Business Profile and Maps. So, you know who’s calling you and it comes with spam protection powered by Google’s database.

  2. Truecaller:

    Truecaller is the most popular dialer known for caller ID and spam protection. Its caller ID shows the name of the caller even if it is not in your contact. It has a huge database of telecallers and bot spammers.

  3. Simple Dialer:

    simple dailer
    Simple Dialer
    It is made by Simple Mobile Tools an open-sourced dialer in the list. It is a lightweight hassle-free dialer with all the necessary features. Simple Dialer is best for those who are looking for a simple and bug-free dialer. The best thing about Simple Dialer is the privacy because it collects no user data and has minimum permissions required to be operable.

  4. Easy Phone: Dialer & Caller ID:

    Easy Phone: Dialer & Caller ID
    Easy Phone is a fast T9 Dialer with an easy-to-use interface. It comes with over 40 beautiful themes available and a clean and intuitive design along with Caller ID and spam blocker. If you are a fan of the retro T9 style UI then this will appeal to you.

  5. Right Dialer:

    Right dialer
    Right Dialer
    Right Dialer is a Fast dialer with iOS 16-style interface. It is free, displays no ads, does not ask for unnecessary permissions and does not have access to the Internet. It is a privacy-focused open-source dialer.

  6. Drupe:

    Drupe is a feature-packed dialer with over 20 Million users worldwide. You can add animated GIFs to your outgoing calls based on the context of your calls. It has a cross-app dialer with T9 and dual SIM support. It features an organized address book, an integrated call blocker, a missed calls manager, and Contact-based reminders.

  7. ACR Phone:

    ACR Phone
    ACR Phone
    ACR phone is a simple dialer with no unnecessary cliches. It comes with a clean and fresh design with dark theme support, SIP client and call notes. The cloud upload feature automatically uploads recorded calls to all cloud services or your FTP server.

  8. Contacts+:

    Contact+ comes with an intuitive and easy-to-organize UI. It features a speed dial and dark themes that support smart contact sorting and birthday reminders.

  9.  True Phone Dialer & Contacts

    True Phone Dialer & Contacts
    True Phone Dialer & Contacts
    The True Phone dialer is highly customizable and easy-to-use UI. Its fascinating design of the call screen shows additional information like jobs, upcoming birthdays, and notes.  It has the T9 dialer with smart recent call grouping, multiple language support, convenient navigation, and customizable themes support.

  10. iCallScreen – iOS Phone Dialer

    iCallScreen - iOS Phone Dialer
    iCallScreen – iOS Phone Dialer
    iCallScreen is an iOS-based dialer. It has many settings such as changing wallpapers and ringtones, blocking, swapping accepts, and declining buttons for the call screen. You can also customize and decorate wallpaper for the call screen.

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So guys let us know your experience with using a third-party dialer in the comments below and in case you run into any difficulties then feel free to reach out to us!

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Top 10 Best Dialer Apps for Android in 2024!

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